How to make the font bigger on iPhone safari?


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Apple has included another Website View menu that unites helpful choices for browsing site pages, making them less testing to explore and simpler on the eyes. Those days are gone when you utilized the Safari include “pinch-to-zoom” to expand the text dimension of a site on iPhone or iPad. With the most recent highlights of iOS 13, Safari has redone! Directly from dealing with your downloads to shutting Safari tabs naturally, it just got simpler to utilize Safari. What’s more, presently, to make the font bigger on Safari isn’t a pinch-to-zoom game any longer!

Make the font bigger on Safari:

It is quite difficult if you start to zoom in the text and you have to scroll down the window, but now safari added a new option to simplify this thing in your iPods, iPhones, or any other Apple devices. Most people don’t want to change the default settings as it may disturb some other setting on your device but following these easy steps you get to know how easy is that.

Steps to change the font size bigger in Safari:

  1. Open the Safari application on your iPhone or iPad and start browsing any of the websites according to your wish.
  2. There is an option denoted with the “aA” in the top left corner of the address bar. This denoted that the smaller and bigger text.
  3. After that, if you click on the “A” which denotes the bigger text and you can click up to the desired bigger font and it can increase up to 300%. The “A” appears on the right side and keep tapping on that to increase the text size in your safari.
  4. As same as to decrease the font size, you can click on the smaller “A” and keep tapping on that and even you can decrease the size up to 50%.

Increase the font size on Safari for every website: 

These are the steps for the single browsing website if you want to increase the font size in your safari on every website you browse for. You need to follow a slight bit different steps:

  1. Open the setting on your iPhone, iPad, etc.
  2. Go to the safari option and browse for the setting for the website in the menu.
  3. Now click on Page zoom option.
  4. Click on the desired size which you want that your website should be in. there are certain website names which you usually browse, you can add the size of that website, and then you can see that website in that increased font size.


So in the last, we wish that you understand how to change the font size and increase the font size in your safari. We know that changing the default setting is quite complicated but once it has done then it will never be an issue. You get to learn how to change the font size in your safari. We wish that this article will be helpful for the iOS users and in any case if you stuck try to repeat the procedure correctly.

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