How to make the font bigger in outlook?


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Microsoft Outlook is an individual realities administrator from Microsoft, accessible as a piece of the Microsoft Office suite. Primarily an e-mail application, additionally it is a calendar, mission manager, contact supervisor, notice taking, journal, and internet browsing.  

About Microsoft Outlook:

Microsoft Outlook is an application it is used specifically to send and get hold of emails. It is also used to manipulate various varieties of personal statistics along with calendar appointments and comparable entries, tasks, contacts, and notes. is a free online email organization gave by Microsoft. It’s somewhat similar to Google’s Gmail organization yet has a breeze — an association with your work zone Outlook data. 

Font size matters to individuals as they would prefer not to see something which is excessively little or too large. Now and again they balanced in their default setting in the PC if the text dimension is little. Individuals would prefer not to upset the default setting as it might get some different issues in the outlook. 

User’s perspective on font size:

Individuals need to see or read something which didn’t squeeze their eyes and comprehensible as well. Now and again, they need to change the font size in their PC. In this article, we significantly talk about fewer steps by which we can change the font size bigger in outlook. It will be useful for individuals who appreciate perusing and who work fundamentally on PCs.

Steps to change the font size bigger in outlook:

  1. Go to the File then Options menu
  2. Select the Mail classification on the left side of the screen
  3. After that select Stationery and Fonts as it is considered to change the font size, style or colours, etc
  4. Select Font under every one of the areas you need to change
  5. New mail messages change the default textual style in messages
  6. Forwarding or sending messages changes the font style utilized at whatever point you react or forward an email that means whenever you send or reply to the mails the text has been changed automatically to the desired font size. 
  7. Making and perusing plain instant messages changes how plain instant messages appear to you just; plain instant messages sent to others stay in plain content for the beneficiaries. 
  8. Pick your desired text style, size, shading, and impact.
  9. Select OK once to complete and afterward twice more to finish off of the Signatures and Stationery window and Outlook’s alternatives.


We wish that in this article you understand that reading small text-only disturbs the eyes and even weaken your eyes. It is good if you change the font size of your outlook and make it bigger for the people who love to read and whose main work is on the computer. In the above steps, you understand that changing the font size into bigger is not that difficult. All you need to do is just following the steps and try to do that correctly. People more likely not want to change the default setting in regarding the text size, style, etc. as they don’t want to disturb the default settings as it brings some other issues n outlook. It is good to make your text bigger and beautiful and is readable.

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