how to increase font size in skype

How to increase font size in Skype?


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Skype is exceptionally good applications to make video calls with companions family and different associates. Individuals use Skype for conferences also. In this pandemic time individuals need not interact with the individuals so to evade those things attempt to fundamental social separation, Skype is acceptable so they can be in contact. It has a stunning element of association with more than 5 individuals out and out. You can send messages to your people. In the matter of font size, it is important to have a bigger font size on Skype. So that the other one can understand the smaller font size.

About Skype textual style:

When Skype is introduced on a PC, the default textual style is set to Tahoma and the size of the text style is set to 8 pt. This default arrangement is very perfect for pretty much every Skype client with a typical vision and clear vision. Anyway, there may be examples where clients don’t have a typical vision and clear vision simply like ordinary clients. Clients may have feeble visual perception with a hazy vision which may keep them from perusing the writings that are shown in the Skype IMs.

User’s perspective on Skype font:

Whenever people use the smaller text size and at that time it is difficult for them to use Skype and they do not want to change the default setting as if they believed that whenever you change the default settings, it may change the other settings. So they have to adjust their vision with that of the smaller ones. But in this article, you can easily increase or enlarge the font size on your Skype.

Steps to increase the font size of Skype?

  1. Go to the Skype application in your device and login to your account.
  2. When it opened, on the top of the address bar you can see the “tool” option.
  3. From the drop-down menu, click on the options, and on the left side of the screen, you can see the SMS option.
  4. After clicking on that you get to see the Change Font option.
  5. Now, the font box opens, where you can change the font size, style, colors. You have to select the text in that preferred size in which you want. There is no slider for that.
  6. And click on the Save option.
  7. After all this procedure, you now have to restart the Skype application.


After all this process, you will get the new and bigger fonts for your text. You can now change the colors as well. We wish that through this you get to know how to change or increase the font size in your Skype. We know how important is that we want to increase the font size so that the text seems to be readable or understandable. In any case, if this process is not working, try to restart the device and do that again, and wait for a while. Sometimes some kinds of errors delay this process. Once it is done, you can change the settings into the defaulted one by reversing the whole process. We wish that this article is helpful and understandable for the users.

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