outlook pst cannot be found

How to fix Outlook pst file cannot be found Easy Steps


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What to do if your Microsoft Outlook is Showing the Error: Outlook pst file cannot be found.

If you are a Microsoft Outlook User, you may like the software due to various features which provide you full control over the mailbox. But also hate it when it starts showing you errors. One such error is ‘Outlook pst cannot be found.

But like many of the errors, you may have encountered previously on outlook or may occur in the future. This error can be solved by following certain processes.

outlook pst cannot be found

What is Outlook.pst?

So, Microsoft Outlook creates many files to store your data, to make your user experience better. One of such is Outlook pst. In simple words, it is like any other file of yours that can store your data. The only difference is that it works for outlook to help you.

Where can I find the Outlook pst file if the outlook pst file cannot be found?

  • Go to your C Drive.
  • Select Users
  • Select your username. It will either be the name of your Computer’s Company or some other name you had given
  • Select ‘AppData’ or ‘Roamings’.
  • Select Local and then Go to Microsoft
  • Hereby selecting the ‘Outlook’ option, you will be able to see your .pst file

outlook pst file cannot be foud

What is the process to solve the outlook pst file cannot be found Error?

The error usually occurs when such a file gets corrupted, thus to solve two processes can be applied according to your convenience. The processes are as followed.

Process 1. Remove the Corrupted PST file.

Removing the Corrupted PST file can easily solve the problem. However, there is an issue in this process. Here you will be deleting your PST File which means all the data that was stored in your PST File will be lost. Thus, you must follow this method only when your previous outlook data is not that important for you. I would also recommend you create a copy and store it as a backup so that you can easily take back the information whenever you require it.


outlook pst cannot be found

  1. I’ve mentioned the location of the outlook file above. All you have to do is go there, right click on it and delete it.
  2. you can even search your folder in your search bar and then delete it
  3. You can even search ‘.pst’ on your C Drive. But here many options will open up so will have to look for the extension to select the correct one.

While in most of the cases outlook creates the new PST file on its own. If in case it hasn’t created one, you will have to follow the following to do so.

  1. In the Outlook inbox you will see a ‘New Items’ Option with an icon containing a person, calendar and a letter. Select It.
  2. It will open a box of options where you will have to select ‘More Items’.
  3. In the more items you will have to select ‘Outlook Data File’.
  4. Give the file a name.

By following these steps your problem will be easily solved.

 Process 2: Repairing your Corrupted/Damaged PST File.

outlook pst file cannot be found

Repairing the Corrupted File is also possible. Microsoft provides you with some tools to do so when outlook pst file cannot be found. Also, there are applications on the internet who are able to provide you with a solution. You can use them to solve the issue. Well, in the case of using an application to solve this issue, I would recommend you to do some research and check whether the website is original. In case of suspicion, please don’t do so. You have to be patient when it comes to Internet. Meanwhile, I will provide you with, how to use the Microsoft Software to solve this issue.

  • EXE

This is a scanner-based tool provided to you by Microsoft to solve the issue. To use is do the following.

  1. Check the location of the past file and write it down
  2. Go to your C Drive and search for the SCANPST tool.
  3. Double click on it and it will open a space where you will have to browse for your PST
  4. Select the file according to the location you have noted.
  5. Select the ‘Start’ button and the scanning will start.
  6. Then select ‘Repair’ to repair the errors.
  7. Try these steps again if SCANPST doesn’t find any error.

If in case SCANPST doesn’t work, try other applications which you will find on the internet. These also the method will be same for repairing with some minute changes specially while getting the PST file repaired. Anyways, those steps will also be easy.

If none of them worked for you or you don’t want to take any risk, you can easily contact Microsoft Helpline. Also do this following

  • Delete all the mails you don’t require.
  • Update your Outlook and Office.
  • Do the updates the Windows in asking for.

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