how to fix setup error of Microsoft office in Windows

How to fix Microsoft Office 2010 Installation error


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MS Office 2010 was released in June of 2010 as a follow-up or successor of MS Office 2007 and runs on Windows XP Service Pack 3 and 2. If you are facing Microsoft Office 2010 Installation error on your computer then It’s either because you don’t have a stable internet connection, which is a trivial problem.

Or that the computer system that you are trying to install the program on is outdated or just doesn’t meet the basic requirements of the program.

Another reason can also be that the Office 2010 version that you are trying to install onto your computer is only set to work with a particular operating system which also your computer fails to fulfill.

Microsoft office 2010 installation error

How to fix Microsoft Office 2010 Installation error

To solve the first problem is quite easy. You will know if your connection is weak, try to open your browser and look for something. If it takes too long, then try to change the network that you are using and if that is not a possible option right now then you might want to wait for a little while until you can arrange a different network or the network that you are currently using become stable and strong enough. It usually does not take too long for a connection to get better if it’s flickering but you may never know.

Now there is no real way to deal with the second problem. Because if your computer does not meet the necessary requirements of the program then it just doesn’t. It’s not something that can be fixed or repaired. It’s simple to do with your computer system and the only option is to choose another computer in case you have access to more than one computer. And if not, then it’s quite normal because not everybody owns or easily has access to more than just one desktop or laptop. If you can afford to, however, then you better buy a new one.

The final problem is that even though your system requirements match, the Office 2010 has been programmed into a compatibility mode where it can only function with a specific operating system, let’s say Windows 95.

But this issue can be taken care of.

  • After you have downloaded the required files for the Office 2010 program, go to the designated folder.
  • Upon opening the folder, look for the file name ‘Setup.exe‘ out of the content, open it, click on ‘Properties’.
  • When the properties window appears, go to the Compatibility tab
  • In the tab, you will see “Run this program in compatibility mode for” with a tick in front of it. Tap it so it will reset.
  • Tap Okay > Apply to save changes.

That’s it. Now you will be able to install and use Microsoft Office 2010 on your desktop.


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