How to Fix Canon Printer E59 Error


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How to Fix Canon Printer E59 Error – It’s not always possible to run to the cybercafe to print important documents. That’s why people buy printers from reliable brands, such as Canon. The printers of this brand offer low-cost, high-quality printing services. They are the first choice of every individual as they are affordable also. Unlike other printers, Canon printers don’t break down quickly unless it’s an error like E59, which is one of the most common errors. A few people know How to Fix Canon Printer E59 Error.

When expecting a seamless experience if you face any trouble while printing, it would be a big turn-off. A minor problem can make a big issue. You may need to print an important document, and your print doesn’t work. Also, you may need to scan a document and email it, but your printer is not working. You might feel like your whole day is ruined. That’s where experts come in. Tech Support 24×7 experts will help you learn How to Fix Canon Printer E59 Error.How to Fix Canon Printer E59 Error

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Causes of Canon Printer E59 Error

Before you dig deep into the solution to fixing this error, take a minute and read this para about the root causes. After getting familiar with the causes, an individual can resolve this error within a few minutes. Half of your work gets done when you know the root causes. So, if you want to resolve this error quickly, go through the below-listed points and know the root cause.

Root Causes:-

  • Printer settings are set wrong
  • Foreign particles stuck inside the printer
  • Paper is jammed inside the Canon printer
  • Printing settings and paper settings do not match.

The above-listed are the main causes of Canon Printer E59 Printer. So, now you know all the major causes of this printer error code, it’s easy for you to resolve this error without any hassle.

Resolve Error Code E59 With These Steps

As stated above, this error code manifests when the paper size settings and the printer driver do not match. One can check the paper and print settings before giving a print.  Also, ensure you register the paper size as per the filled and loaded paper. By doing so, an individual can reduce the chances of getting an error code E59. If this error code has appeared, you can follow the below-listed steps to get rid of it.

  • Upon the manifestation of Canon Printer E59 Error Code, the first thing you need to do is press the stop button and abort the printing.
  • Check the printing and paper settings are matching out. However, if they don’t match, set them as per the size of the paper and then choose the correct media type in the canon printer.
  • When the printing and paper settings match, press the OK button and then perform a power cycle.
  • Check every setting of the printer accordingly and ensure you perform a print test. If your canon printer prints a document successfully, you are all done. However, if you are still facing the same problem, follow the below-listed steps.
  • If your Canon printer is displaying the Canon Printer E59 Error Code, set your printer to its default settings. Also, do the other required changes.

With the above-listed easy-to-apply steps, an individual can resolve Canon Printer E59 Error Code without any hassle. However, if you find any trouble resolving this error with this method, you can connect with tech support experts and find a solution to get your printer back on.

Connect with Tech Support Experts

Professionals have designed the above-listed method to fix Canon Printer E59 Error with their in-depth understanding and technical expertise. This method is 100% working for most individuals. However, if this method to fix this error doesn’t work for you, connect with professionals and get a proficient solution for this problem.

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