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Canon LBP 2900 Feeder Problem:

Canon LBP 2900 Feeder Problem may occur anytime with any branded printer if not used in the correct manner. No matter, how expensive the machine is, it tends to occur some technical faults when using for a long time. Canon is a well-known brand of a printer but users confront the same issues in it as in other products. Well, it’s not like that the problem is due to machine, it may cause due to your carelessness also. Instead of blaming anyone else, let’s move ahead with its solution.

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Symptom of Canon LBP 2900 Feeder Problem :

Feeding blank sheets endlessly and some time obtaining Paper Jam Error on a computer screen with paper suction within the printer.

As per symptom, the probable culprit area is Paper pick up assembly. Even on removing the cartridge for visual review because sometime you’ll be able to realize ball pen, refills paper clips, eraser elastic band and so on in paper pickup assembly (Mishandling by the user and if this can be for home use then it positive this inventive work done by children’s).

But as after inspection from toner cartridge location, sometimes we can find any suspicious things as explicit above. Therefore, we to dismantle the printer.

First of all, we have to remove the paper pickup pad unit and clean the area with IP.

As per explicit the fault symptom, the which means that it’ll simply keep throwing out blank sheets no end the Gear once single page output signal command. Therefore this half is handling by solenoid Unit that gets a signal from the logic board and it decides wherever to prevent the paper pickup gear once the printing.

So we have to removed solenoid unit from the Printer for any review.

On removal by visual inspecting the solenoid unit, there could be found some sticky grease like substance is there on coil clutch plate.

So clean the surface with wet material with IP. Therefore here is that the culprit for higher than said fault symptom. Solenoids are accustomed to controlling the timing of the paper feeding.

Just clean the coil with IP tack everything back and tested by giving print commands from the setup, it works fine while not paper jam and not feeding blank sheets endlessly.

How to resolve Canon LBP 2900 Feeder Problem ?

Paper not feeding properly may be accompanied by paper jams, too. Printer and paper preparation will go an extended way to alleviate these types of problems. Follow some steps to make sure your paper feeds properly in your Canon printer.

Step 1.

Remove any jammed paper from the Canon printer. Pull the paper out from the sheet feeder within the direction that the paper was traveling. this can facilitate avoid damage to the rollers and associated plastic components. allow the printer to reset itself subsequently.

Step 2.

Lift any covers and lids, and wipe the rollers with a soft, damp cloth. a light-weight colored cloth can help you identify dirt that comes off the rollers. Clean the rollers gently with the cloth. Clean the rollers till no a lot of dirt seems on the cloth. allow the rollers to dry.

Step 3.

Fan and so load recent paper within the Canon printer. Use dry, flat paper. Do not fill up the tray. Discard any paper that curls or is wrinkled. Load the paper in order that the left edge rests against the paper guide. Set the paper guide in order that it fits the paper. You’ll see adorned markings on the paper receptacle that represent the dimensions of the paper you’re using. For example, move the paper guide to the “Letter” position if you’re using letter-sized paper. Make sure the paper is stacked perpendicular to the receptacle. Everything ought to be square.

Step 4.

Try the print job once more.

Clearing Paper Jams:

Paper Pickup and Transfer Guide Areas
Fusing Assembly space – top cover
Paper Jams: Rear cover – Fusing Assembly and Paper Exit Areas
Paper Jams: 500-sheet Lower cassette (not applicable at ING)
Paper Jams: optional Duplex Unit (not applicable at ING)
Table repeated Paper Jams
Paper jams occur most frequently when:

Paper cassettes don’t seem to be properly loaded.
Your print media doesn’t meet the specifications.
The media is in poor condition.
The printer desires improvement.
User-replaceable elements are carrying out.

Thus Follow these steps to resolve Canon LBP 2900 Feeder Problem

Comment below if you have any queries regarding Canon LBP 2900 Feeder Problem

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