How to Factory Reset a Brother Printer


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How to Factory Reset a Brother Printer – When buying a fast printer with low running costs, Brother printers are the first choice of every individual. This brand produces efficient printers that address the needs of customers. From big incorporates to smaller homes, its printers meet everyone’s needs. Also, their quick print speeds and cost-effective printing can win anyone’s heart. In addition, easy setup is also a reason to go for Brother printer. However, these printers disappoint when you have factory Reset a Brother Printer.

When your printer loses mind, stops printing, and can’t find the network, it’s time to perform a factory reset. Resetting a brother printer is often the last resort when troubleshooting. However, it usually helps many folks having trouble printing. So, if any error is ghosting you and you want factory Reset Your Brother Printer, it’s easy with Tech Support 24×7. In this write-up, you will get the easy-to-apply steps designed by experts for non-technical users. Read on. Know more.

How to Factory Reset a Brother Printer

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Know When to Reset Your Printer

It’s not a good idea to perform a factory reset when not needed. You should reset your printer when necessary. Save time and effort. So, before proceeding with any step, understand when you should reset your Brother printer. There could be numerous reasons for resetting a brother printer. Some are listed below.

  • Software is showing glitches
  • Your printer is not responding
  • The printer turns On and Off repeatedly
  • Having trouble connecting with the printer

When having any of these problems and want your Brother printer working ASAP, read our explanation guide. The wait is over. Find the easiest method to reset a brother printer here.

How to Factory Reset a Brother Printer?

Resetting a printer is an action that is impossible to undo. Ensure you have saved all the passwords and IP addresses before resetting your brother’s printer. Also, you can create a backup before performing a factory reset. If you have done that, try these methods and get your printer working within a few minutes. There are three ways to factory reset a printer that is as follows:

Reset Network or All Settings

  • First, remove the interface cable.
  • Press Menu from the Brother printer’s control panel.
  • With the navigation keys, select “Initial Setup.”
  • Click “OK.”
  • Again, use the navigation keys to choose “Reset” and click “OK.”
  • Choose the reset function of your preference with navigation keys and hit “OK.”
  • Press “1” if you want to reset all settings.
  • Press “2” to discard the changes.
  • You have to press “1” again if you have pressed “1” earlier.
  • Also, you can cancel resetting a printer by pressing “2”.

With these steps, anyone can factory Reset a Brother printer easily. However, move to the second method if you want to try any alternate way.

Alternate Method to Factory Reset a Brother Printer

There is also an alternate method to factory reset a Brother printer. Go through these steps to know.

  • Turn off your brother’s printer.
  • Detach the power cable.
  • Shut every lid and cover.
  • Plug the power cord.
  • Long-press the “Go” button. (It appears in the printer’s control panel)
  • Press the power button while keeping the “Go” button pressed.
  • Wait until the brother printer turns ON.
  • Release the “Go” button.
  • Wait until the indicators become stable and start turning off.
  • Once they get reactivated, press the “Go” button six times.

Follow these steps as mentioned above to factory reset a Brother printer. However, if this method doesn’t work for you, try the third one.

Use Software

You can also use software to Reset a Brother printer to factory defaults. Follow these steps:-

  • Launch a working web browser.
  • Go to Brother printer’s official website.
  • Click the product search box.
  • Enter the model number and hit “Enter.”
  • A list of drivers will appear.
  • Select your system’s operating system and click “OK.”
  • Keep following the on-screen instructions to download the software.
  • Once you have downloaded the file, open it. Follow the prompts provided.
  • Navigate to “Management Tool List.” Click “BRAdmin.”
  • To reset your Brother printer, run BR admin.
  • Click on your printer’s name.
  • Click on “Network Configuration” in the control menu.
  • Enter the passcode if it asks and clicks “OK.”
  • Click “Factory Reset” from the control menu.
  • Once you finish performing all the steps, ensure your Brother printer has reset to defaults.

The above listed are the easiest methods to reset a Brother printer to factory defaults. Follow these steps as mentioned above to reset your printer. However, if you have trouble performing these steps, contact experts. Tech Support 24×7 has experienced staff with technical expertise and in-depth understanding. With profound knowledge, they can help you resolve any technical issue. To talk with them, dial +1-877-432-0678 and get connected without waiting a minute.

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