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Learn about how to connect the Canon ts3122 printer to Wifi. This page provides you with all the necessary information needed. Talking about the popularity and usage of the Canon printer, the users are getting more inclined towards the product these days, hence Canon printer holds a good place in the market. So, technically it is a superb choice that you make to purchase this printer. This can be used at home, and also kept at your office for more professional usage. But, being a technical device, it is quite natural that the printer might face some issues. Although, Canon printer ts3122 has received a quite commendable response from the users regarding its print quality and performance. Still, the users are somewhere or the other a little less aware or unaware of the new and updated functionality of this device. So, here we are to solve your issue. Your Canon printing device ts3122 can be connected with the Wifi on your Windows. So, if you are looking for how to connect the Canon ts3122 printer to wifi, then you must refer to this article by reading it completely till the end, and know what steps to follow.

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Why Canon ts3122 printer not being connected to Wifi?

There can be several reasons for the same-
1. Maybe your printer is not set as a default printer.
2. Maybe your Wifi or router is not working properly.
3. Maybe your internet connection is unstable.
4. Maybe your system configuration is not set.

How to connect Canon ts3122 printer to Wifi

A few things that you must keep in mind before connecting it to the Wifi are, that the access point should have a physical WPS push button available on it. If you are struggling to find exactly where it, then check with your device’s user guide for the same. Even if the button is not available on your model, then follow the instructions on the Standard Connection Method Lab. The other thing to be kept in mind is that your network or connection must be making use of the WPA or WPA2 security protocol. This protocol is used by many of the WPS enabled access points. After done with the aforementioned things, let’s now have a look at the steps below on how to connect Canon ts3122 printer to Wifi.

How to setup wireless Canon ts3122

Before proceeding to this experiment, you will have to be assured that your router of Wifi is accessible and properly configured. Then, follow the steps given below-
1. The first step is to be assured that your printer is having an energy source and is turned on.
2. Once it is turned on, you will see a green light illuminating, just next to the energy button.
3. If you see that the green light has started flashing, press, and hold tightly the Stop button. Click and hold the network button on your printer until the wireless icon begins to flash.
4. Then, also be assured that the lamp which is just next to the WPS button begins to flash a blue light. Once you see this, then proceed to your access point and press the WPS button within 2 minutes.
5. This way, when you see the screen on your printer displaying the wireless icon and the signal bar simultaneously, then your printer will be actually linked to your Wifi.
6. This way your printer will successfully make a connection to the wireless Wifi network and once done, the flashing of the lamp will also stop, instead, it will remain lit.
7. Now, you also have to be assured that your printer is connected to the wireless Wifi connection successfully! For this, you can take a printout of the network setting of your printer.
8. For this, load the white plain paper on the feeder of your printer (thus making sure that your printer is turned on).
9. Then, press and hold for a while the Resume/Cancel button until you notice a flash in the alarm lamp, that flashes 15 times, and then release your pressure gradually and eventually.
10. This would print the network information page.
11. In the printout, check the status of your connection. It should be printed “Activated”, and also check that the SSID (Service Set Identifier), that is, the name of your wireless network, should also indicate the correct name of your network.

Hence, the WPS setup procedure is done and concluded! Still, facing issues with the problem of how to connect the Canon ts3122 printer to wifi? If you still face the above-headed problem, then you should surely contact the Canon helpline! Canon has good support and a much-dedicated customer support team on board that will assist the users in the best way possible. The users are free to contact them 24X7, where the user will get in touch with the experienced and qualifies customer care representatives! They might resolve all your Canon ts3122 printer issues in a very short period.

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