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Having issues on how to connect the Canon printer to Wifi? Amid of searching a lot, you have landed on the correct page. This article contains a guide on how to connect Canon printer with Wifi, in some simple and understandable ways.
Canon printers have been used widely these days by the users throughout. This is a very trusted and user-friendly printer device that the customers have relied upon for a long time now. Although being a machine, there can be certain issues at times that the users might face. One of the same issues is the wifi connection problem that the users face many times!
They face an issue on how to connect Canon printer to Wifi. So, in this article, the users will find the ways with the help of which they can easily connect their Canon printers with the wifi connection.

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Methods to connect Canon printer to Wifi:

There are basically two methods to connect the canon printer to wifi in the wireless connection. These are, Standard Connection method, and the WPS method. And, for connection, any of the connections can be used.


1. WPS Connection Method – This is a very common method for Windows. There is a push button in the wireless router for the WPS connection. Follow the steps that are mentioned below to enable the WPS connection of your Canon printing device.
● The first step is to turn on the printer and place the router in such a way that the WPS
button is within your reach easily.
● Take hold of the Wifi button at the printer until the light is on.
● Then, wait for 2 minutes. Now, hold the WPS button on the router.
● When you are searching for a network, you will see a blue WiFi light on.
● Once your device has been connected to the Wifi connection, still the lights will be on.
● Now, cross-check the connectivity with your Wifi! Try to print a page from the printer by putting sheets properly. Thus, it will check whether the printer is working properly or has been connected with the Wifi, or not.

2. Standard Connection Method-
In the above method you learned about how to connect your Canon printing device to a wifi connection by using a WPS connection method. Now, in this method, you will get to know about the steps involved in the Standard Connection Method to connect with a wifi connection. Below are the guidelines that the user wants to know for the same-
● Initially you have to be sure that the printer is switched on and properly connected for the setup. If you are looking forward to a wired connection, you require an ethernet cable.
● Then, check that the required drivers are installed in your system already.
● Then connect the internet to the printer, thus verifying it’s speed.
● If you have a router, connect the printer and the computer to it.
● Firstly, connect the printer to the computer for the network setting and load the input tray
of the printer with white papers.
● Then put your finger on the resume or cancel button, thus pressing it for a few seconds.
● Then, check the connection status in the information page of the printout.
● Then lastly, verify the name of the network.

Thus, these were the steps for making a standard connection.

A quick review of how to connect Canon printer to Wifi-

Turn in your printer by pressing the power button -> Go to Settings -> Device Settings -> OK -> LAN Settings -> OK -> Wireless LAN setup -> OK -> The light on your printer starts to blink -> Press the arrow button and you will find your Wifi network there -> Click OK -> Add the credentials for your wifi (Password) -> OK.

Thus, the connection has been established.

Thus, this article helped you guide with the exact steps by which you can establish a Wifi connection with your printer if you do not know how to do it, or are facing any issue doing it.

I hope, this article was meaningful to you and help you gain better insight for the same.

If you have any doubt regarding How to connect Canon printer to Wifi then call our Canon printer technical support number @ +1-877-432-0678

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