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Canon Pixma printer is a good quality printer that is easy to use and easy to purchase. It has several features that increase its worth. There are various models of the Pixma printer, including Canon PixmaG2000, Canon PixmaG2010, Canon PixmaG3000, and many more. Its sakes have been increasing in the market a lot as it is being preferred by many users these days. But many users face this problem of connecting their printers to Wifi. So, in this article, we will guide you on how to connect Canon Pixma printer to Wifi, be it any model.

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Why Canon printer not connecting to Wifi?

There can be various reasons why your Canon printer is unable to connect with the Wifi.

1. It might be the case that your Wifi internet connection is not working well.
2. It might be the case that due to too many devices connected to you Wifi, the printer is unable to get connected.
3. Maybe your printer’s power cord is not connected tightly or must have been slackened.

So, this disconnects your printer and makes it tuned OFF. Thus, these can be some of the predictable reasons why your printer is unable to get connected with the Wifi. But, the main thing is to solve this issue! So, read this article till the end to know how you can solve or fix the problem of how to connect Canon Pixma printer to Wifi.

Some conditions that have to be present before you begin on how to connect Canon Pixma printer to Wifi:

1. The first condition is to make sure that your printer is turned ON.
2. Then you have to press and hold for a while the Wifi button on the printer until the orange alarm lamp flashes once and then release that button eventually.
3. The last thing to be assured of is that your Wifi button begins to flash blue. If you see this happening, go to the access point and press and hold the WPS button.
Thus, these are the things that you need to keep in mind before starting with the procedure of connecting the printer to Wifi.

How to connect Canon Pixma printer to Wifi

We know it can be a little difficult task for the users to connect the printer to the Wifi, especially when they don’t have their hands much on technical tasks. But, in this article, we have mentioned the steps below, which is much easy, and have been written one by one, for you to understand and move ahead with the process of how to connect Canon Pixma printer to Wifi.
So, follow the steps given below, and connect Canon Pixma printer to Wifi-
1. The first step is to turn on your computer. So, click the power button to switch it on if it is off.
2. Go to the Settings of your computer and press the arrow button. Then go to the Device Settings option, and click “OK”.
3. Then you will have to press and hold the arrow button until you see the LAN Settings. Once you get to see it, release the button and press “OK”.
4. Same you have to do with wireless LAN setup. Press the arrow button again until you go to the wireless LAN setup, and then press “OK”.
5. This way the printer will search for your Wifi network, and during that time you will see its light blinking.
6. If it is unable to search it quickly, or taking too long to do so, then press “Stop”. This way it will lead to the Wireless LAN Setup, standard setup option. Select “OK”.
7. Then again press the arrow button and you will find your Wifi network. So, press “OK”.
8. Then finally enter all the Wifi credentials (password mainly asked), and then select “OK”.
9. Then you have to once again press “OK” when the screen says “Connected”.

Thus, these were the steps that are used to set up the wireless connection of Wifi with your Canon Pixma Printer. If you have still any doubt then for Canon printer technical support you can comment below or Call @ ++1-877-432-0678

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