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Have Canon mg3600 printer? Does it cause issues with internet connectivity? Looking on to resolve the issue of how to connect Canon mg3600 printer to wifi? You have landed on the correct page. Since we all are aware of the growing popularity of the Canon products among the users. Hence, we find Canon printers with almost every 6th user these days. The Canon printer is a versatile product as it can be used both as a professional and a personal product. But, the users might face issues in connecting their printers to the Wifi. So, if you have Canon mg3600 printer and having an issue on how to connect Canon mg3600 printer to Wifi, then that issue will be solved after reading this article till the end.

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Why Canon mg3600 printer not getting connected to Wifi?

There can be several reasons why you face the issue of Wifi connectivity with the Canon mg3600 printer. These can be-

  1. There might be an issue with your router or Wifi.
  2. There might be an issue with your internet speed.
  3. There might be an issue with the configuration settings of your printer.
  4. There might an issue that your printer must be facing technically. And that can be only resolved by the servicing of the product.

How to connect Canon mg3600 printer to wifi?

The very first thing in the process of how to connect Canon mg3600 printer to Wifi is to check that your printer is turned ON, and also make sure that the “ON” light is lit. For this, press and hold the Wifi button on the printer until the blinking light is ON. After this follow the steps below-

  1. Press the color button and the Wifi button.
  2. See that the Wifi light flashes quickly.
  3. Then move to the App screen and begin with the setup procedure.
  4. Thus, this was you will succeed in the process of setting up the Wifi connection to your Canon mg3600 printer.

Unable to find Machine/Printer on the Wireless LAN (WLAN)?

It might also happen that even if you are done with the above-mentioned step, you are unable to find the machine or the printer on the WLAN. So, for this to resolve, follow the steps given below-

  1. Make sure to turn on the printer and also make sure that the Wifi lamp is lit (continuously) on the printer. (Refer to the above steps for the same).
  1. If you have connected your printer with the USB cable, then make sure that the cable is connected accurately.
  1. Here you have to rest assured that your machine setup is complete. If you are using Windows, for this you should usee the CD-ROM setup.
  1. You also have to be assured that your printer is associated with the port, that is, WIndows (here). For this, go to the Menu->Settings->Associate Port.
  1. Then see that the network settings of the wireless router and the machine match and also make sure that they are not kept far apart from each other.
  1. Check in the Ports sheet of the properties dialogue box of the printer driver and select Enable Bidirectional support.
  1. In the end, make sure to check the machine’s TCP/IP settings and disable the IPv6.
  2. If still the problem is not solved, then redo the setup by using CD-ROM in the case of Windows.

Thus, these were the steps that will help you connect Canon mg3600 printer to Wifi.

When to call Customer Care?

After following the above-mentioned steps, if you still face an issue on how to connect Canon mg3600 printer to Wifi, then it is the time to call the Customer Care service of Canon, as your pinter must be facing a technical issue, that can only be resolved through servicing. Also, Canon has good Customer Care Support. They are active 24X7 to entertain and assist the customers. For Canon printer technical support services you can Call @ ++1-877-432-0678

I hope, this article was meaningful to you!

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