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Canon printer is one of the most highly rated printers that is being used among the users nowadays as it promises image quality, excellent performance, and smooth run, that too at an average cost. Canon Inc. is a Japanese multinational corporation that has been making different products of Canon, including this printer. The product is highly reliable but being a technical device or, a machine for instance, it is bound to face issues. Although there can be multiple issues regarding the working of the printer, here in this article we discuss the issue of how to connect Canon mg2522 printer to Wifi. Yes, you might have faced this problem while working with your Canon mg2522 printer. But now, you are on the correct page to gather the aptest and crisp information, that will fix your issue of how to connect the Canon mg2522 printer to Wifi.

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Reasons for lacking the connection of Wifi with the Canon mg2522 printer

There can be several reasons that your printer is not being connected to the Wifi or even getting disconnected repeatedly from the Wifi. A few of those have been mentioned here-
· Maybe your internet connection is unstable.
· Maybe your printer is turned off.
· Maybe your Wifi router is not responding.
· Maybe your device’s configuration settings do not have the option of printer included in it.

Hence, there can be more issues related to the aforementioned problem. Continue reading this article till the end to know how to fix the problem of how to connect the Canon mg2522 printer to Wifi.

How to connect Canon mg2522 printer to wifi

Users need not worry or contemplate much about this issue, as here we are mentioning some steps, following which you will be able to resolve your issue. Since we know that Pixma mg2522 is a much affordable printer that can be used in your office for professional usage or can be placed at your home for domestic purposes, and smooth printing. But, it is a technical device so it may face problems. So, here are the steps o how to resolve the problem of how to connect Canon mg2522 printer to wifi-

1. Hold the power button of your printer by pressing it for a little longer.
2. Now, press and hold the Wifi button to start it (on it). Once it gets on, release your finger from the Wifi power button. It will start blinking.
3. Now, make sure to install the latest Canon mg2522 printer drivers on your system.
4. Now, you will see that your printer will begin searching for your nearby Wifi networks.
5. Choose the name of your Wifi or router that is being displayed in the list of Wifi’s and enter the logging in credentials.
6. This way the printer gets connected to the Wifi automatically, and also gets ready for successful printing!

Thus, these were the steps to connect the Canon mg2522 printer to wifi.

How to connect Canon mg2522 printer to Wifi by changing printer’s configuration settings-

It might also happen that the configuration settings of your printer is in a disallowing state to connect it to the Wifi. So, there can be an issue related to the configuration settings of your printer. This means that you need to change the wireless network settings of your printer, by connecting the computer and the printer with a USB cable temporarily.

Follow the steps below-
1. Below in the USB appearing on your computer, go to the “Connected to” option and select the Printer in the further option(s).
2. In between also check the configuration and Wireless LAN button.
3. Now, go to the settings and change the configuration in your settings. When done, chose “OK”.

Hence, this would also resolve your issue if it was the one who was affecting it earlier! In case it is still not being connected, then do check your internet connection or the router or Wifi, if they might be having any issue. Still, if the problem persists, we recommend you to contact the Customer Care Number of Canon. They are available 24X7 and will provide the best solution that your printer requires, as you never know there can even be a fault inside, related to the wiring, or any other.

If you are still facing a problem while connecting Canon mg2522 printer to wifi then comment below or you can call our Canon printer technical support number @ +1-877-432-0678.

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