How to change the font size on messenger?


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Messenger needs no introduction. We use messenger for Facebook, Google, etc. messenger helps you to send and receive messages and even helps you to share the pictures and videos. At its center, Messenger is a messaging application for both one-on-one and group messages, yet it can likewise send pictures and videos. It also includes emoticons, stickers, and GIFs to express the emotions and to use them funnily. 

More about Messenger:

Messenger important features remembered for its composing pointer to see when an individual is composing, conveyed receipts, read receipts, and a timestamp for when the message was sent, with another for when the recipients read the latest one. 

Much like on Facebook, Messenger lets you respond to messages on both the site and application. You always need to showcase your important documents or the important text more boldly by changing the font size. it is obvious that nobody wants to read the smaller text and ignores it easily as it put pressure on your eyes and weakens it. So by enlarging the font size in messenger the reader or the recipients easily understand the text and learn what is conveyed in the message. 

Not only in Facebook messenger but also in the goggle messenger, you need to change the font size accordingly. 

How to change the font size in the Facebook messenger?

  1. Go to the messenger 
  2. There you find the option of setting or menu. 
  3. From the drop-down menu, you see the font size section.
  4. There are 4 types of font sizes available, small, medium, large; huge you need to choose accordingly.
  5. If you want the bigger font size then you can choose large or huge font available. 
  6. Click on save changes your text font size is now changed. 

Important note on Messenger:

It is to recommend if you are following the steps do not forget to restart the device after making any changes to it. You should follow the simple steps carefully and do not disturb the other settings. You can change the font size back to the default one by reversing the whole procedure.


We know that Facebook messenger helps you to connect with the world through chat, group chat, video calls, group calls, etc. many other brilliant features are provided by the messenger so that users can use it fully. In this article, we wish that you get to know some of the important aspects of the messenger and try to change the font size as soon as possible. People usually prefer not to change or disturb the default setting as it brings some other issues. So they quite adjusted in their old or the small font size which is not good. So by following these simple methods they can learn to change the font size according to their wish. 

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