How to change the font size on Facebook?


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Facebook does not need any introduction or description .it is a social networking site that connects you to others. A person can involve with others socially and communicate with each other. They can share their lifestyle simply by posting pictures and add an event in which you are interested and invite you to groom with others. they share their live locations and upload what they want to show to the world. Facebook is the biggest social networking site that gives you the platform to showcase your talent.

If you are using Facebook then you should that it is important and easy to connect with friends, family, colleagues, etc. you should talk to them via messenger or updating your status. And you can do that beautifully too. You can change the font size, font colors, etc to make your text look.

You got to interact with the people, it builds up your confidence in talking with others and one more thing, you can post pictures on your Facebook account. You can share pictures and enhancing social media.

Font size matters on Facebook because people are attracted to the creative things and if your Facebook status implies the bold and the beautiful text with different font styles then they surely wait to read your post.

The small text means it would impact the eyes of the people and the pressure they feel while reading any text on your Facebook page. We know that Facebook is a platform where people can grow their business. If they want to send something they need some beautiful post and the text should be good and beautiful and most importantly readable. To promote their business they descriptively write the text.

People use Facebook in different operating systems like android, mac, windows, etc. There is not much difference in each one of them to change the font size on Facebook. But still, there are some steps to change the font size in different operating systems.

You can change the font size in your Facebook:

It depends on the user in which device they are using Facebook,  you can change the font size on Facebook in android:

  • Open the Facebook app and if not installed then go to the browser search down Facebook.
  • Log in to the Facebook account by putting UserID and password and login, your Gmail account has been opened.
  • You need to change the font size, then you can go to the Setting which is denoted by the gear symbol.
  • After clicking on that you can click on the general from the drop-down list.
  • Later on, click on the accessibility. And then click on the larger text or the smaller text or whatever the font size you wished to.

If you want to change the Facebook font size in Facebook status then you need to follow the steps:

As we know that Facebook status tells a lot about the person’s day to day life. As if a person a socialite then they surely want that their status looks good. To make the status look good you need to make some changes :

  1. Open the Facebook app and if not installed then open Facebook in a browser.
  2. Login to your Gmail account.
  3. Start writing your status. While its time for posting your need to do just one thing: hold the control key and the minus key (-) to make the text small or the plus key (+) to make the text large.
  4. Then your status is good to post.


How to change the font size on Facebook if we are using the iPhone?

Well, the answers are quite small because the preface of Facebook is the same in android and the iPhone.

Does it affect other things while we change the font size?

Well, the answer is no, it surely not affect the other things in your device. But if it happens you can undo and back to the default setting.


We wish that through this you will get to know how to change the Facebook font size. It is not that much longer but if you stuck in between then there is help support which helps you to solve your issues.

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