How to change the font size in twitter?


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Twitter is one of the social blogging applications where you can post your blogs which is known to tweet and you can follow other or you’re favourite People around the world and get to know about their tweets. You can share your tweets and for that, your blogs should be good. It is important to use the correct font size in your tweets as if you are using the smaller font in your tweets then people will not find it attractive and will completely ignore it. So it is preferable to use the correct font size, style, and even the colours to attract people toward your blogs and try to share your thoughts in a better way. 

More about Twitter and its updates:

Except if you haven’t been online in seven days, you’ve most likely seen that Twitter changed its work area format. Whatever you’re feeling on the new format, it’s presumably digging in for the long haul for a long time to come. Thus, you should become indulge in it and begin redoing your own Twitter Feed for an increasingly pleasant time on the internet based life stage. The format changes have affected a variety of parts of Twitter, however, one inquiry that has come up for individuals is: Can you change the font size on Twitter? If the size of the content feels somewhat admirable on your new design, not to worry about it because we are here to help you out in that situation. 

How to change the font size on twitter?

  1. To change your font size on Twitter, first sign in to your page. 
  2. After that tap the three spots that state “More” on the left half of your screen directly under where it says “Profile.” 
  3. Then tap “Show.” This will take you to a little menu where you can change different visual components of your Twitter, similar to the font size, show shading, and background.
  4. So, to change the size of the textual style on your work area, slide the font size” slider toward the left for smaller font and slide it to one side for the bigger font. As you slide, the text style on your page will change so you can see the changes which are made during the sliding process. 
  5. Now you can stop whatever the font size is suited to your text. 
  6. Blow that there is an option for the colors and the background, where you can change the colors of the text and even the background. You can make your font supremely attractive by using this feature. 


We wish that through this you get to get to know that changing the font size helps twitter users to enhance the followers and even improving the quality of their text. By changing the text bigger or changing the colors, people usually attract reading perspectives. Sometimes people do not want to change the default setting as they thought that in case some other setting will be affected. But now after following these steps people could easily try to change the font size.

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