How to Change the font size in Gmail inbox?


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Gmail is one of the best-known email services across the world. It is associated with Google. It has many other features which are highly enjoyed by the users. It is preinstalled in every phone and people need that Gmail account to be associated with the other apps. It gives to in-hand experience with other apps like Google photos, Goggle Drive, etc. where you can save your photos and important documents and it will not be deleted if you are changing your phone. One of the best features is that it has the massive storage of messages and photos. Your images from the previous years are saved if you linked your device with the Gmail.

Gmail is important because people share their important data to the other in that hope that it will not be deleted. It can keep your oldest messages safe. In case you forget that what data you had sent then you can search about that in your sent section.

Well, its preface is quite easy to understand. On the left section, there is a column of composing where you can click to write an email and send it to others and the mails which you received, sent which you had sent, trash which you have deleted, etc. on the right there is an option for the setting if you want to change anything and the apps associated with the Gmail.

Well in this article we would know how to change the font size in Gmail inbox.

We need to change the font if it is too small then we should make changes to make it large and if it is too large then you can change it to small. It’s up to the Gmail account users wish which font size they.

Well, it looks good if we use the large font size for the heading and the for the subheadings and small font size for the details. It just looks descriptive to the reader. It all depends on the readers what font size they wish.  In today’s world, people are more creative and they want their text should be attractive and readers can attract and read their texts. So they made changes by changing the font size, font style, etc. font size is easy to ready, font colors attract the readers, and font style, makes the text look good.

In this article, we would know how to change the font size in Gmail inbox,

Inbox is a relevant app that is associated with Google and Gmail where all the messages or emails are stored. The oldest and the newest messages have been kept there and the users can see the messages whenever they want. To change the font size  we need to follow the given steps:

  1. Go the Gmail or the Gmail website if it is not installed on your computer.
  2. Click on the login option to fill up the UserID and password. Well, there is an option in case you forget the password then you can recover that by clicking on that option you will be giving the answers whatever they have been asking for.
  3. After that preface has been opened and on the right side of the preface, there is an option for the settings which are represented by the gear shape.
  4. And then after clicking on the settings, you can scroll down the list and you get to see the default text style, where you can see the recent text style, font size, font colors, etc.
  5. By clicking on that you can change the font size. By clicking you get to change it in a small, medium, large and huge. These are the four types of font sizes available to Gmail.
  6. After changing everything, you can scroll down the page to the last and save the changes.

These are the steps if you want to change the font size of your Gmail inbox. It is surely on the preferences of the users. Gmail is all about sending and formally receiving mails. And it is also used to save your pictures and another document for a longer period.

It is good to make a slight change in your Gmail which makes you look at that very comfortably. And we wish that this article will be helpful for you.


How to change the font size small in Gmail?

Well, the process is quite the same but you need to click on the smaller when you reach the section where you click the change the font size. Then it will be changing your font size to a smaller one in Gmail.

How do I use different fonts in gmails?

While composing any text or the mails you can click on the sign “A” which is to change the font, you can click that to change the font style into a different style.

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