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HP Printer provides any type of support in 24 Hours. Hewlett Packard products have been around forever. The quality and efficiency of the products have made this company a household name. The product range is brilliant and has a solid customer support system. HP Printer has launched a large number of printers; all for different picture quality and requirements. If you are a Hp printer user then you may encounter many kinds of technical issues related to the Hp printer. These problems in technical terms are known as error codes in the Hp printer. One of the most popular kinds of error codes in the Hp printer is Hp printer error 51.10. In this article, you will learn about what is 51.10 error code in Hp printer and how to resolve this issue with the help of Hp printer technical support experts.

HP printer error 51.10: HP LASERJET 3015 SHOWING ERROR 51.10

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The advantages of using HP printers are immense but users do encounter some issues from time to time.

What are the causes of HP printer error 51.10?

The error code 51.10 is becoming more common as the LaserJet models are becoming old. This 51.10 error code is generally caused by the failure of the laser scanner assembly.

How to fix HP printer error 51.10?

Step 1- Verify that the motor is rotating properly.
1. Go to the “Diagnostics” menu.
2. Run the laser/scanner motor component test.
3. Make sure that you can hear the motor rotating.
Step 2– Verify that connector J1702 and connector J1505 are fully seated on the DC controller PCA (ECU).
Step 3- Verify that the connector J100 on the laser/scanner assembly is securely attached.
Step 4- Replace the laser/scanner assembly.

Follow the steps mentioned below to remove the laser scanner unit.

DIMM Cover Removal

1. Slide the DIMM cover toward the back of the product to release it.
2. Lift the cover away from the product.

• Rear-door assembly
1. Open the rear door.
2. Gently pull down on the door and lower the door until it is fully open.
3. Push up on the link arm to release it.
4. Remove two screws.
5. Open the lower-rear door, and then release one tab.
6. Release one tab.
7. Rotate the bottom of the rear-door assembly away from the product.
8. Pull down on the rear-door assembly to remove.

• Left cover
1. Remove one screw.
2. Release three tabs.
3. Release one tab.
4. Rotate the rear of the cover slightly away from the product, and then slide the cover toward the front of the product to remove it.
• Top-right cover
1. Remove 3 screws.
2. Lift the cover off of the product to remove it.
• Control panel
1. Press the cartridge-door release button, and open it.
2. Disconnect one connector, and then remove one screw.
3. Slide the control panel toward the front of the product to release it.
4. Lift the control panel off of the product.
• Top cover
1. Remove three screws.
2. Slightly raise the rear of the cover, slide the cover toward the front of the product, and then remove it.
• Laser Scanner Removal
1. Release one tab on the air duct, and then lift the air duct out of the product.
2. Remove the antistatic sponge.
3. Disconnect one connector and one FFC.
4. Remove four screws.
5. Lift the laser/scanner up and out of the product.

For further assistance, contact the HP Printer customer service. Also, make sure you replace the laser scanner with a verified product replacement and it is recommended to get it done by a certified technician.

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