Canon Printer is not printing black

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What are the Symptoms of the issue, Canon Printer not printing black?

Have you just placed a new cartridge? You may run many cleanings, and you find no improvement and the condition is getting worse. Along with nozzles,  additional nozzles are too missing or the entire color is gone! Don’t blame the cartridge, it’s simply a box of ink, unless manufacturer has used the incorrect ink (which is extremely unlikely these days).

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Several inkjet printer models manufactured by Canon, Brother, Xerox and Epson inkjet printers has a permanent print heads which is expected to last to the lifetime of the printer.

Canon Printer is not printing black

What are the causes of the issue Canon Printer not printing black?

Most of the issues with Canon inkjet cartridges occurs when you change cartridges often. It is logical that the above-delineated problem can increase the chance with the exaggerated variety of cartridges used within the inkjet printer. Some high-end image inkjet printers have as several as nine cartridges, however, most of them have two to six cartridges.

Most people don’t notice that Canon inkjet printers use ‘gravity’ and a ‘siphoning’ method to deliver the ink to the print head. There are not any little pumps or complicated vacuum systems to start out & to keep the ink flowing. If air gets into the nozzles, it’ll quite effectively tend to block the flow of ink. If ink dries on the print head, then this will block the flow.

Some of the facts, you should follow to avoid issue like Canon Printer not printing black  

A few suggestions which can facilitate eliminate or at least reduce your cartridge problems:

  • Never Run more than 3 consecutive cleanings
  • Never change more than one cartridge at a time
  • Never Run Inkjet Cartridge Dry

Simple method to manually cleanup Canon inkjet print head assembly:

Most Canon inkjet printers has a removable print head assembly. According to some users, Before installing the cartridge, the print head assembly of Canon printer has to be inserted.But this is just an assumption of removing print head.

Remove cartridges then the print head assembly per the printer manual. To wash print head assembly, use a mix of 50 distilled water and a 500th window cleaner like Windex with ammonia. This is the mixture we often tend to use to wash HP and Lexmark cartridges.

Simple steps to resolve the Canon Printer not printing black issue.

The reason for Canon Printer not printing black is that the print head nozzle get clogged which prevents from releasing black ink on the paper.

Following this guide, you’ll be ready to clean the nozzles and do basic troubleshooting which facilitates the restoration of  the black ink practically.

To begin with the cleansing method follow the steps to resolve the Canon Printer not printing black issue given below:

  • Power on the printer.
  • Make sure that there are five or additional A4 size papers within the tray.
  • Open the paper output tray (B) and also the output tray extension (A)
  • Start the cleaning method by choosing Setup on the printer’s panel. to select setup, press the tools/wrench G0081777 icon.
  • Using the arrow keys, find and choose the upkeep Menu G0070718 and press okay to enter into it.
  • Choose “Deep Cleaning” and press the OK button.
  • Ensure your selecting by selecting yes then press the OK button. this may begin cleaning, wait till the cleaning finishes before activity the other operations. it always takes 3 minutes.
  • When you see the pattern print confirmation on screen, press OK.

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