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Easy Steps To Fix Outlook Inbox Not Updating Error


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Sometimes, it could be that you have just had an important email exchange and you have been waiting for an urgent reply – but you see that the Outlook inbox not updating trouble has cropped up.

It is a platform created by Microsoft, primarily to send and receive emails. Over time it also has evolved into software that can be used for a lot of other uses such as, setting up calendars and tasks, journal and blog writing, managing tasks, and contacts, web browsing, etc.

If your Outlook is stuck then you can learn to know more about How to resolve Outlook stuck on trying to connect issue?

Why does Outlook inbox not updating issue occur?

check connection status of outlook inbox

Before users can get down to performing the actual problem-solving task, here are a few reasons responsible for the Outlook inbox not updating issue, because it is essential to know what has caused a problem before we start dealing with it. We hope you will be able to identify yours with the help of this list:

  • Bad internet connection.
  • Overstuffed inbox leading to lack of storage space which could be responsible for causing this problem.
  • If the auto-sync has been turned off by mistake.
  • If your email platform is not properly synced with outlook.
  • Third-party malware could have caused corruption.
  • If the user has entered the wrong details at the time of configuration.
  • It can also be that the problem is not on your side at all if the program’s servicer is down or the person who is sending the mail is unavailable.
  • If your software has an add-on plug-in – that could also cause you to not receive emails.

Outlook inbox not updating

How to resolve the Outlook inbox not updating issue?

Force update

Force update outlook inbox

Here are a few ways which can help you with an Outlook inbox not updating issue:

  1. Check Internet Often times the primary reason for Outlook inbox not updating issues like these is a bad or unstable internet connection. So begin by checking on your router, if it does not work even after switching it on and off then call your internet service provider since the problem could be at their end.
  2. Make sure that the user has not been blocked or if the emails are being sent to the junk pile.
  3. If you are someone who receives a large number of emails, then do check how much storage space is left in your cloud. It is appropriate to clean up and delete unwanted emails which are no longer important so that there is always space for new ones.
  4. If the auto-update or sync feature for the mailbox has been turned off, then check for it in the settings and turn it back on again to solve the Outlook inbox not updating issue.
  5. Visit the settings of your email to check the configuration details which were entered at the time of setting up the account, if any of your credentials are wrong, fix them right away.
  6. Run a diagnostics wither from your computer of an anti-virus program to check if any third-party malware is responsible for the corruption of the system leading to the Outlook inbox not updating issue.
  7. Prioritizing the emails is also a good way to avoid facing this issue. It can be easily done with the help of a number of filters that come with the program; they will sort out all the received mails into order.
  8. Outlook allows users to create all sorts of rues they would like for the operation of their accounts. However, if some of those rules are getting in the way of the user receiving emails – then it is advisable to remove them altogether.

Customer service

If a user is not able to get their email back up and running, then they can reach out to Microsoft’s customer service to inquire whether any kind of blockage in their account has led to the Outlook inbox not updating.

Outlook Inbox not updating automatically

Are you an emailer? Yes? Then answer this – Did outlook makes your life easy? You’re not alone. Worldwide outlook is loved due to its email customization and making emailing fun and easy. It sometimes is preferred even over your conventional Gmail. That gives it a sense of pride and user, a sense of comfort in knowing they are getting to use the best. But. But it also gets sick at times and its sickness gets confusing for us layman users. That is when help steps in.

Outlook inbox not updating

It sometimes happens with Outlook inbox not updating automatically unless you restart your device. Though as soon as you restart your device, you receive the past emails and it seems like it is working properly but as soon as you start using it again, you realize that the problem is still there and Outlook inbox not updating automatically.

That is a bug that a lot of people face and is a cause of trouble. Here in this article, not only will we tell you why that happens with our lifeline outlook but also we will guide you with a step-by-step process on how to fix Outlook inbox not updating automatically error so that it will update your mails as soon as you receive them. Go ahead with the process now.

The procedure to stop Outlook inbox not updating Automatically:-

  • Go down to the search box of your windows. Here, you have to type in service.MSC.
  • You would find the services app. Open it up. You would find a new window open up.
  • Now, the reason you’re facing this problem is that the background intelligent transfer service is interfering with the google services. In the window that opens up, you would find these options if you read through the many options that open up – Background intelligent transfer service and the other options – Google Update service (gupdate) and Google Update Service (gupdatem).
  • You should have google chrome downloaded to your laptop if you are also a victim of Outlook inbox not updating automatically a problem. Now, double click on the Google Update Service (gupdate). Under the Startup type dropdown, change it from Automatic (Delayed start) to Disabled.
  • Do the same thing with the Google Update Service (gupdatem). Click ok. You would see their status shown as disabled now.
  • Once that is done, you can close that window. Now, come back to your outlook and try sending an email from another mailbox to your mailbox.
  • What happened? Did it show up without you restarting your device? Just by disabling that conflicting service, you can solve a very big problem. Yes, this step was added to remind you to relax.

Now, there is a minor problem after you do that. You are not going to receive updates from dear google chrome. So, you may occasionally want to go ahead and enable it. That way you can check the updates while keeping your outlook in a full working mode. Also, you can obviously go to google.com itself and run the update manually. It’s just an update now. Come on. If you enable it, make sure to disable it after finishing your job. That’s how you fix your outlook without finishing the outlook itself. Have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1- How do I restore my Outlook inbox?

Ans- Below is the complete step by step process to restore outlook inbox:

  • Firstly, you have to go to the import-export option.
  • Then, click on Export to a File.  From there go to “Import from another program or file”.
  • Click the option ‘outlook data file’(.pst). Click on Next.
  • Select your Mail Id and again Click on Next.
  • Press Browse.
  • Provide a file name and then click on Finish.
  • Set up a Password. You’ll see the Data Exporting.
  • Now again go back and press the Import-Export option and follow the same procedures as before.
  • The change you have to do is after pressing Browse you’ll see the folder you have created.
  • This will help you to restore your outlook inbox.

Q2- How do I fix Outlook 365 not receiving emails?

Ans- This is the most common technical issue for outlook users. Different factors can cause outlook to stop receiving e-mails which might include network errors, outlook server not responding, a Firewall Restriction, your e-mails might have moved to the spam folder or you might have entered wrong credentials while looking into the outlook account. Thus, you must try different solutions to treat this error.

  • Check the Network Connection
  • Check the junk folder whether the Email is shifted there.
  • Check the other folder also
  • Check whether the Inbox is full.
  • Check Inbox filters and remove all the unnecessary filters.
  • In the Inbox, click on the filter option and click sort and select sort by and click on date and newest on the top.
  • Check the block sender list. You may have accidently blocked the sender
  • Check the E-mail Rules
  • Remove Unnecessary Accounts
  • Enable automatic refresh option
  • Open your Outlook Account on browser to check whether it is blocked. If it is, then verify your mobile number in the outlook account or contact Microsoft Customer Support.

Q3- How can I speed up my Outlook?

Ans- If you are continuously working with E-mails and your Outlook account seems to have become slow. You can follow these steps to enhance the speed of your outlook account.

  • Press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC to open up the task manager. Search for Outlook. Once you find it just right click on it and go to details. In Details, right click on OUTLOOK.EXE and click on set priorities and then select high. Repeat this process every time you start the computer. This will surely enhance the speed.
  • Open Control Panel then on its search section type power. Then click on power options. There, select high performance. This will also speed up the outlook.
  • Go to the Search Menu and search for Run. Now click on Run App which will open a run dialogue box window. On that type the following: outlook /safe. After that press enter which will open the outlook. There go to file and then go to options there and click on it. Then click on Advance. There you’ll find an option called RSS feeds. Uncheck both the options there. Then scroll down and under Display uncheck the option available there and click on “ok”.
  • Again, go to File and select Options. Then go to the Advanced Tab where you’ll find AutoArchive. In that you have to click on AutoArchive Settings and check on the option of Run AutuArchive every and select whatever days you want there. And then click on “ok”.
  • Go to File and select Options. Then click on Add-ins and there you’ll find a manage tab. There select COM Adds-in and click on Go. Now uncheck all that is there and click on “ok”.
  • Here also you have to go to File. There select Office Account and then click on Update Options and Update it.

Q4- How do I stop Outlook from deleting emails from inbox?

Ans- If your Outlook is deleting E-mails from the inbox here is a method to quickly solve your problem.

  • Open Outlook. Go to Info option and select Account Settings option. In that click on account settings. A window will appear where you have to click on the POV Account Settings. In Mail Settings option check the Leave a copy of the messes on the server option with Remove from sever after certain days option. Press on Next and then Press on Done. 
  • If that doesn’t work open the Folders option. Down there you’ll find a Deleted items option. Click on it and select the mail you don’t want to get deleted then Click on “More Commands” option which is on the top right side and has an icon which contains three dots. Then click on Stop ignoring and click on “ok”. This will tell Microsoft Outlook that it is an important E-mail and it won’t send Email from that sender to junk.

Q5- What is Outlook 2016 cached Exchange mode?

Ans- Before explaining Outlook 2016 cached Exchange mode, you’ll first have to understand what is Cached Exchange mode is. So, as you know or may not know, caches are used by your computer to enhance its working speed. Similarly, when you use a Cached Exchange Mode in your Microsoft Exchange Account, it provides quick access to your data and updates it frequently in both online and offline mode. This is why it is recommended to use this mode rather than online to get updates frequently without any delay due to network connections. Outlook 2016 cached Exchange mode is an updated version of its 2013 version. Microsoft itself recommends the outlook 2016 version to users who frequently move in and out of connectivity, who work both online-offline and have latency connections.

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