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The latest version of Microsoft’s trademark OS is out and people are flocking to update their systems with the Windows 10. It is also a well-known fact that sometimes errors are a part of the update process. They can occur due to a myriad of reasons and in this particular article, we are going to tell you everything there is about the Error 0x80070780.

Why does Error 0x80070780 occur?

The primary reason why your update can be hindered by this error is when you are trying to force any changes in the files of the Windows. The changes can be anything such as, copying, deleting, making backups etc. It can also be due to the presence of a corrupted file in your system.

How to troubleshoot error 0x80070780 on Windows 10?

An error such as this is quite easy to fix. We have compiled a few troubleshooting methods, using which you will be able to remove the Error 0x80070780.

How to fix Error 0x80070780

1] Changing up accounts

Undoubtedly, one of the first things that you should try is to try logging in from an admin account. It is well known fact that using an admin account eliminates all kinds of permission approvals. You can log into it by following the steps given below:

⦁ From the settings option, go to the Accounts navigation.
⦁ You will find all kinds of users mentioned in the list.
⦁ Choose the one that states, ‘Administrator’.
⦁ Enter and proceed with the update as usual.

change account

2] A Clean Boot

Does your computer have any third party apps like anti malwares installed? Then it could be the reason for the Error 0x80070780. In such a case you will only have to disable it for the duration of the update, as follows:

  • Go to the system configuration Window.
  • You will find the run dialog box, enter a code i.e. msconfig
  • It will eventually lead you to the load start up options.
  • On the services tab, you can choose to disable all the currently active third party Microsoft services.
  • After the confirmation message, restart your system and check for the error.

clean boot

3] Volume Shadow Service

This service makes sure that you are allowed to make backup copies of all the files in the system. It should always enable this feature, here’s how you can do it:

  • Enter the code, ‘services.msc’ in the run dialogue box and tap enter.
  • You should be able to find the Volume shadow copy there and apply it in the settings.
  • After clicking on OK, check if the Error 0x80070780 has been eradicated from the update or not.

How to fix Error 0x80070780

4] A scan of the system files

Another option would be to scan your files, in search for any corrupted files.

  • Begin by pressing the Windows and R keys simultaneously.
  •  On the window that opens, run the command prompt as the administrator.
  • Conduct a clean-up of all the existing files and enter, restart your computer.

scan and fix error code ox80070780

5] A Check Utility Scan

In the event that your Error 0x80070780 is caused due to a failure in the disk, you should run this scan.

  • Open up the file explorer option by pressing on Win and E.
  • From Properties, go to tools.
  • When you click on the Check button, you will be prompted if you want to conduct a disk scan, tap yes.
  • Wait to check if the scan catches some bug and restart your system.

There is a good chance that your error will be solved by any one of the above mentioned methods, but if it doesn’t you can always contact the technical help at Microsoft.

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