setup gmail in outlook 365

Complete Guide to Setup Gmail in Outlook 365


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Setup Gmail in Outlook 365

Most of the users use Outlook 365 for their exchange account. This makes sense because of all the benefits available with the exchange account for the users. But, if you are not an exchange user or are using a google account simultaneously, you can setup Gmail in Outlook 365. It definitely, would be a lengthy process. This is because Google’s Mail Service Application works more on the automatic feature, where the mail is stored in google drive. On the Other Hand, Outlook provides more control to the users. They can even store the mail in Microsoft’s OneDrive, but also provides benefits to store the mails in the device for direct and offline use.

setup gmail in outlook 365

Also, Control is one of the most important benefits of adding an account on Outlook. It is also the reason why it is used in so many business organizations. You may enjoy the same benefit with your Gmail Account.

How to Setup Gmail in Outlook 365

Before starting the process of setting up the account I would recommend you to do a two-step verification of your google account.

 What is Two-Step Verification?

Generally, what happens is, anyone with a password for the google account can log into your account. This process can be called as one-step verification, because you or the user using your account only has to pass a step, to verify that this is his account. So, if anyone gets or steals your password, they may enter easily into the account and google won’t prevent them from doing so because they have cleared the steps. But by adding two-step verification, Google will ask for a confirmation to setup Gmail in outlook 365. Once you allow it, only then anyone can access your account. This makes the account more secure

How does it help while setting up an account on Outlook?

So, once you add the verification, your account becomes more. Due to this, Google doesn’t have to unnecessarily put restrictions on your account. This makes you free to use a third-party application with this account, while in this case is Outlook 365

setup gmail in outlook 365

How to add the verification?

For this, you will have to first go to the settings of your Google account. You can do so, through your browser. Here, you will find the option to enable the verification. It will begin a process in which you will have to follow the instruction provided by Google and add the details required. Completing this will add another layer of verification.

Setting up the Account

For this, you will have to log in to your Gmail Account through the browser and have to get into the Outlook 365 Application. There you will have to change the settings, which will help in setup Gmail in outlook 365

Within Gmail Account

  • Choose the following
  • ‘Settings’ icon
  • See all Settings
  • Forwarding and POP/IMAP
  • Now depending on the kind of protocol, you want, choose from the following.
  • Enable POP for all mail – This will enable the Post Office Protocol. This means that the email you receive will directly be saved into your device, once they are realized from the server. This will open up an unlimited storage facility but restrict you to using a singular device with almost no back-up.
  • Enable IMAP – This will enable the Internet Message Access Protocol. This means that, you can access your email from any device at any time you want if you have a good internet connection. This will restrict the storage facility but provide you a good back-up
  • Select ‘Configuration Instruction’ option
  • Read the instruction carefully. Either write it down or screenshot the info as it will be useful further. Now get back.
  • Select ‘Save Changes’

Within Outlook

  • Choose the following:
  • File
  • Account Settings
  • Account Settings
  • ‘New’ icon
  • Type your Gmail Id
  • Select ‘Advanced Options’
  • Check/Tick the given option
  • Select ‘Connect’
  • Here, choose the Protocol that you had enabled in the previous step
  • Again, type your Gmail Id
  • Select ‘Next’
  • Select ‘Change Account Settings’
  • Now here, check whether the details are similar to the instructions, you wrote or took a screenshot of, previously. If not, change them.
  • Select ‘Connect’
  • Again, type the Gmail Id
  • Select ‘Next’
  • Type the Password
  • Select ‘Sign-in’
  • Select ’Allow’
  • Select ‘Done’

I hope this helps you in, Setup Gmail in Outlook 365 If there is anything that happened in between the process while leading to an error, freely contact Microsoft Helpline and state the issue. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to help you. You can simply call our support team at +1-877-432-0678 for instant help and guide.

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