How to fix Canon Printer Rear Tray Problem?


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How Canon Printer Rear Tray Problem occur?

Canon Printer Rear Tray Problem when you close the feed slot cover once loading paper or after you in To prevent incorrect printing, this printer features a function that detects whether or not the knowledge set for the paper loaded on the rear tray or within the container matches the paper settings. Before printing, create paper settings in accordance with the paper info.

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once this perform is enabled, an error message is displayed if these settings don’t match to stop incorrect printing. once this error message is displayed, check and proper the paper settings. Insert a cassette into the printer after loading paper, the screen for setting the kind and size of paper is displayed. Set the paper info per the sort and size of the loaded paper.

To check rear tray paper info or container paper info, show the paper info screen on the operation panel.

Simple steps to resolve the Canon Printer Rear Tray Problem:

You can load plain paper or exposure paper.

You can conjointly load envelopes within the rear tray.

  1. Prepare paper.
  • Align the edges of the paper. If the paper is curled, flatten it.


  • Align the sides of the paper neatly before loading. Loading paper while not aligning the sides might cause paper jams.
  • If the paper is curled, hold the curled corners and gently bend them within the other way until the paper becomes fully flat.
  1. Load paper.
  • Open the rear tray cover so pull up the paper support.
  • Open the feed slot cover.
  • Slide the paper guides to open them and load the paper within the center of the rear tray WITH THE PRINT side FACING UP.
  • Slide the paper guides to align them with each side of the paper stack.
  • Do not slide the paper guides too arduous against the paper. The paper might not be fed properly.


  • Always load paper within the portrait orientation. Loading paper within the landscape orientation will cause paper jams.

Important points to remember for overcome the Canon Printer Rear Tray Problem:

  • If the feed slot cover is open, paper can’t be fed. make sure to close the feed slot cover.
  • After closing the feed slot cowl, the paper info registration screen for the rear tray is displayed on the touchscreen.
  • Select the size and kind of the loaded paper within the rear tray at Page size and kind, so choose Register.
  • Open the operation panel, pull out the paper output tray and paper output support, and open the output tray extension.
  • Be sure to open the operation panel before printing. If the operation panel is shut, the printer doesn’t begin printing.


  • When printing, choose the size and kind of the loaded paper on the print settings screen of the operation panel or printer driver.
  • For instructions on specifying the device supply once printing from a Windows computer, click here.
  • For instructions on specifying the paper feed supply once printing from a mac, click here.

Thus Follow these steps to resolve Canon Printer Rear Tray Problem

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