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Are you also facing the problem with your Canon printer printing blank pages? This issue is faced by users many times. Since Canon printers are one of the best quality printers these days, so users prefer it much! Considering the problems, these can arise with any company’s printer, because they all are technical devices, and problems with these technical devices are quite natural. Also, every problem has a solution. It is just about how apt the solution is. In this article, we are going to tell you the reason behind the problem of why Canon printer printing black pages, and the solutions to fix this problem.

The reason why Canon printer printing black pages?

There can be multiple reasons behind the issue on why your Canon printer printing black pages, a few of them can be stated as under-
1. It might be possible that your ink cartridges have become too old or have been used completely, thus they are empty.
2. There can even be an issue that the yellow tape has not been removed from the ink cartridges that you have placed inside your printer.
3. Maybe the configuration settings of your printer contain Blank Page, so you got to choose the option of Skip Blank Page.
4. It might be possible that the paper size, orientation, and settings are set accurately in the printer software.
5. Maybe the printer is kept on an uneven surface because when placed in such a way, it does not work. So, make sure to place it on an even and flat surface.

Hence, these were some of the reasons that you face the problem of your Canon printer printing blank pages.

How to fix the issue of Canon printer printing blank pages

This is a very common problem among the users, that can be solved by the following solutions-
1. Check the size of paper – You have to select the correct size of the paper in your print preview settings, the same that has been put in the printer. Because it sometimes may happen that the paper size is changed in the printer feeder, but you forget to change it in the settings of your printer. So, make sure to keep it the same at both places.
2. Check for old or empty cartridges – Checking the ink levels before printing any document is very much vital, as there are chances that your ink cartridges may have got empty due to full usage. Not only empty, but your ink cartridges would also have been quite old and dried out. This won’t cause them to print any document for sure. So, replace them with the new ones.
3. Check for the correct installation of the cartridges – It might also happen that even you installed a brand new cartridge, it might become a little dislodged and hence, not be in complete contact with your electrical printer. So, in this case, you need to remove or uninstall all the cartridges, and then again reinstall them. This would once again complete the electrical circuit, thus making sure that your printer starts running appropriately.
4. Check the nozzles – This is the case when the printer is not used that often and hence, it eventually cloggs the nozzles. So, to check the clogged nozzles in Canon printer, take all the paper out of the tray and open the output tray extension. Then, hold and press the ‘Stop” button until you see the lamp flashing, and then release it immediately. This will print the “Nozzle Check” pattern. Also, make sure not to indulge yourself into any other activity until the machine is under this operation!

How to fix the issue step by step?
1. Go to Start
2. Go to Contol Panel
3. Go to Devices and Printers
4. Go to the name of your printer and right-click on it.
5. Select its properties
6. Go to Characteristics, then device settings, and finally click on Preferences.
7. Select Services, then go to the Preferences option.
8. Choose the option of Clean Printhead.
9. Now, this will clean the printhead of your printer.
10. This step has to be used many times until your printhead is cleaned fully and entirely!

Hence, this article provided you with ways to resolve the issue of why Canon printer printing blank pages, thus also mentioning the reasons behind it. I hope this article was meaningful to you.

If you are still facing a problem like Canon printer printing blank pages then comment below or Call @ ++1-877-432-0678 for technical support from Canon printer technical support experts.

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