How to fix Canon Printer Error P02

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How to fix Canon Printer Error P02

What causes Canon printer error P02 in Canon printers?

Some basic causes of Canon printer error p02 are listed below:

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  • It could be a cartridge related issue such as misplacement of the cartridge or spilling ink.
  • The connectors being incorrectly connected could cause this error.
  • Foreign object jammed in the printer can cause this error too.
  • The encoder film being smeared is another possible reason for this error to occur.

My canon printer is displaying Canon printer error P02 when I try to use it. How should I resolve this error?

Step 1 – Make sure the Encoder Film isn’t smeared.

  1. Turn off the printer and unplug it from the power source.
  2. Carefully open the Paper Output Cover.
  3. Check if the Encoder Film inside the printer is clear.
  4. If the Encoder Film is smeared, follow the steps given below to clean it-
  • Get cotton swabs and isopropyl alcohol.
  • Dip a cotton swab in isopropyl alcohol. Make sure you press out the extra alcohol from the swab.
  • Gently wipe the Encoder Film with the wet cotton swab. Be careful to not let any alcohol drops inside the printer.
  • Carefully clean the film until it becomes completely transparent.
  • In case any moisture is left on the film, wipe it with a dry cotton swab, and make sure the film dries completely.

       5. Now, close the Paper Output Cover, and plug the printer back into the power source.

       6. Turn the printer on.

       7. Print a pattern to confirm that the printing has resumed normally; if not, check and clean the Encoder Film again.

Step 2- Restart the printer.

  • Make sure you unplug the printer from the power source.
  • Let the printer be in this pause mode for a couple of seconds.
  • Now, reconnect the power source to the printer and switch it on.
  • Next, press the “Power” button and hold it for a few seconds.
  • Press the “Stop” button twice now.
  • Repeat this procedure once more.
  • Release the “Power” button gently when you repeat the process.
  • Lastly, press the “Stop” button four times.

Step 3- Adjust the cartridges.

  1. Turn off the printer and unplug the power cords.
  2. Now, gently start removing the cartridges from the printer.
  3. Make sure the ink levels of the cartridges are enough beforehand.
  4. Replace the cartridges with low ink levels.
  5. Now, carefully put the cartridges back into their respective places.

Step 4- Check if paper or any other foreign object is jammed in the printer.

        1-Gently pull the paper out.

  • Carefully hold the paper and pull it out without tearing it.
  • Do not pull the paper out from the front tray as doing so forcibly can damage the machine.

       2.If you cannot pull the paper out-

  • Turn the printer off and then on again; this may eject the paper automatically.
  • If not, try to pull the paper out from the transport unit.
  • If you fail to remove the paper from the paper output slot, open the paper output cover to pull it out.

Step 5- Check for defective hardware parts in the printer.

       1. Make sure you carefully examine the printer; especially the parts mentioned below-

  • Timing slit film
  • Carriage units
  • Logic boards
  • Carriage motor

      2.If you find any defects with the hardware, it is recommended to have a certified technician replace them.

If none of the steps given above helps solve your problem, contact the Canon customer service

Thus Follow these steps to resolve Canon printer error P02 code 

Comment below if you have any queries regarding How to fix Canon printer error P02 

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