How to fix Canon Printer Error C000?


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What is Canon Printer Error C000?

Canon Printer Error C000 is an error code that has been noted to have an effect on a large variety of completely different Canon devices, particularly the Pixma series of Canon printers and multifunctional devices. Error C000 indicates that an internal error has occurred with the Canon device in question which it’s as a result of this internal issue that the device cannot operate because it is meant to. Error C000 will be pretty frustrating, particularly since it inhibits the typical Canon device’s vary of functions. However, in most cases, there are a variety of various ways in which will be used to resolve Error C000.

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Error message c000 showing on your Canon Printers Screen is kind of common and can sometimes be resolved by attempting many procedures. Typically it is often resolved by merely turning the printer OFF and ON once more. If this does not fix the error then you will get to investigate it more and check out some of the following:

  1. Firstly, check for a paper jam related to the carriage that the print head runs back and forth on. Check for a little piece of paper packed close to the tip of the printhead carriage.
  2. The Ink Cartridges might not be seated properly. Attempt removing all ink tanks so reseat all of them firmly. If this does not take away the error attempt step 3.
  3. Attempt reseating the particular print head. This can be done by removing all of the ink tanks from the print head. Next release the print head by raising the lever on the proper hand aspect of the print head itself. Once totally removed replace it and lower the lever to lock the print head back in.

Usually, this can fix the c000 error because it typically indicates that there’s a tangle with the electrical connections between the print head and also the actual printer.

If the matter persists you will need to seem into commutation the printer as print heads are sometimes not less expensive than the price of commutation the full printer.

What to Do: Canon Printer Error C000?

  1. Cancel printing and switch off the printer.
  2. Check the following:
  3. Make sure print head holder motion isn’t impeded by tapes for securing the print head holder throughout transportation, packed paper, etc.
  4. Remove any impediment.
  5. Make sure the ink tanks are properly installed.
  6. Press ink tanks till they click into place.
  7. Turn the printer back on.
  8. If this doesn’t solve the matter, contact your nearest Canon service center to request a repair.

Note: When clearing an impediment to print head holder motion, take care to not touch the white belt.


Canon Printer Error C000

  • There are many reasons for error C000 to appear. this article provides you recommendations with links to clear the message.
  • To clear the error, click on the link to open the article and acquire careful directions.
  • All packing material wasn’t removed.
  • An ink tank(s) isn’t seated properly.
  • Paper is jammed or there’s an object within the printer.
  • The printer must be reset.
  • If the higher than recommendations don’t assist you to resolve the error, the printer can have to be compelled to be repaired.

Thus Follow these steps to resolve Canon Printer Error C000

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