Canon: Pixma Printer not Printing


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Canon is known for its amazing high tech gadgets and it does not need any introduction. Many other companies compete in the race of being on the top of high notch gadgets which made our life easy. However, one company is beginning to stand out from the rest of the pack.  Canon is the most reputable printer manufacturer in Ireland. It has used its resources to create exciting new ranges in the market. Canon Pixma printer not printing is somehow the reason for this article.

While talking about the canon printer, the brand itself explores the fact of great features of a high-quality image and reduces the workload.

It has undergone a speed test with a high-quality image and other documents with a clear format. It is pivotal to take note of that printer not reacting mistake is a typical printer error and various reasons can trigger this issue. For example, the utilization of an out-dated printer driver may keep your printer from performing faultlessly.

Sometimes being the best also have some of the issues. In this article, you get to know some of the issues behind Canon Pixma, not printing.

These are the reason why the Canon Pixma printer not printing.

No paper or paper jam

Without paper, your printer can’t print. Ensure there are small pieces of paper stuck into the printer paper cartridge or plate. If you found any paper stuck in the roller then you need to clear that. On the off chance that you speculate paper has stuck someplace, it shouldn’t be, allude to our assistance page for paper jams.

The printer doesn’t have power marker

  1. In the first place, make sure that the printer is turned on. At the point when a printer is on, it ought to have some light or LED (generally green) demonstrating it’s accepting force.
  2. If you don’t have any marker light then you need to connect the wifi with the printer.
  3. Next, press the printer power button. This is also the reason for the canon printer not responding.

You can also check this Youtube video for more

Wires not associated appropriately

Your printer ought to have two links associated with it: the USB link and the information link. Do not use the broken or tangled wires. If you are using the wireless printer hen the internet connection must be strong.

Slow Printer

A slow going for walks printer is one of the most common printer problems. This regularly happens while the gear is set to print high output. A straightforward way to fire up your printer’s general execution is to reduce the print decently or exchange the setting to draft mode. Doing this won’t simply improve your printer’s pace anyway additionally help you to save money on ink or toner

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We wish that through this article you get to know some of the issues which cause the canon Pixma, not printing. Sometimes the low ink or ink cartridges were the reason behind that. So check the roller and toner of the printer for the brilliant picture quality. We know that Canon Pixma is one of the best printers which have good printing qualities. So if Canon Pixma printer not printing then you need to rectify those errors.

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