[Solved] What are the Canon mx860 fax problems?


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Steps to fax using Canon printer without Canon mx860 fax problems:

There are many Canon mx860 fax problem that you can face while working with Canon mx860 fax machine. In this article you will learn different kinds of Canon mx860 problems and method to fix these problems.

Step 1 Place the original document to send on the Platen Glass or in the ADF.

Step 2 Adjust the image quality (Fax resolution) and density (Scan contrast) according to your requirement using the commands available in the machine.

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Step 3 Use the speed dial to start dialing. Be careful not to use speed dial in case your machine is connected to PBX or any other telephone switching system.

Step 4 Now, you can start sending faxes depending on whether you’re using Platen glass or ADF. The steps for both the methods are given below –

  1. Using the Platen Glass –
  • Press the Color or Black button depending on your requirement.
  • If the document to be faxed is a single page, simply start dialing.
  • If your document has multiple pages, load the next page on the Platen Glass and press the Color or Black button. Colour sending is possible only if the recipient’s fax machine supports colour faxing
  • Repeat this procedure until all originals are loaded.
  • Finally, press the “OK” button to send the fax once all your documents are loaded.
  1. Using the ADF –
  • Press the Color or Black button.
  • The document is sent automatically once you’ve completed your color preference.

How to cancel sending a fax when you are getting Canon mx860 fax problems?

  1. Before sending the fax-

      Press the “Stop” button.

  1. The process will get canceled.
  2. While it is being sent –
  • Press the “Stop” button.
  • Wait for further instructions to appear on the LCD screen.
  • Carefully follow on-screen instructions.
  1. Document stuck in the ADF –
  • If the document remains in the ADF after you’ve pressed the Stop button during scanning, wait a couple of seconds for on-screen instructions.
  • The message “Document in ADF “.
  • Press OK to discharge document will appear on the screen.
  • Press the “OK” button to release the document from the ADF.
  1. I was sending a fax but the process didn’t finish because the recipient line was busy. What should do?
  2. The device has a feature to automatically redial the recipient’s number after a specified interval.
  3. Just wait for the specified amount of time; the fax will complete sending automatically.
  4. This feature is enabled by default.

How to cancel a pending fax when you are getting canon mx860 fax problems?

  1. Wait until the machine starts automatic redialing.
  2. Press the “Stop” button once the redialing starts.

How to send a fax manually when you are getting canon mx860 fax problems?

  • Using the Hook Button.
  1. Press the Hook button.
  2. Now, press the Numeric buttons and carefully dial the recipient’s fax/telephone number. One-touch speed dial or coded speed dial can be used while dialing manually.
  3. If you are only sending a fax and not speaking with the recipient on the phone, press the colour or black button according to your preference.
  4. If you’re also going to speak to the receiver, pick up the handset of the telephone connecting to your fax machine; you can now start talking to the recipient.
  5. If on picking up the handset, you hear a high-pitched voice instead of the recipient, press the colour or black button.
  6. Make sure you ask the recipient to operate their fax machine to receive faxes.
  7. Hang up the handset.

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