AOL mail not working on AOL desktop gold


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AOL Mail is not working on AOL desktop gold is the common issue that is faced by the users nowadays. As we know we do not need mails services to formally send and receive messages but for the immensely good storage. AOL desktop gold can be installed in mac and windows both.  We know that AOL is been reigning the mail services from much older times. People have been trusted them for the various services which are provided by them. AOL desktop gold is also liked by the users.

Features of AOL desktop gold:

  • The introducing and downloading process is easy.
  • There is a two-steps confirmation which is for the security upgrade.
  • There are phishing highlights and premium security which encourages you to stay away from spam messages.
  • You can have the arranged rundown of your contacts and top choices which is available 24*7 with no issues.

But after these features users feel to have issues like AOL mail not working on AOL desktop gold. Users sometimes won’t able to send and receive message or they can’t open their AOL mails, so they need to solve it as soon as possible.

Solve issues of AOL mail:

  • Clear the cache and cookies: Whenever the users are using AOL desktop gold, it is common that it welcomes you to open some of the unprotected or unsecured websites by which some cookies involve you to download some products. Later on, you get to know they are just viruses, and it is downloaded in your PC without your knowledge. So the user needs to delete those cookies and cache as soon as possible. Rather than it is too late for the antivirus to solve those issues and then you need to contact the AOL technicians to solve those issues.
  • Pop up messages: Sometimes when you are doing some work there are pop-up messages which appear which made it look like you need this or that services, which is not useful for you, and it brings out various other malware and it causes your PC corrupted. You need to solve those issues by disabled the pop-up messages as soon as possible. After disabling that pop-up messages you won’t longer get those unnecessary messages and your AOL mail is good to use in AOL desktop gold.
  • Restart the mail services: If these issues appear then the first steps are to restart the device or uninstall the AOL mail application, if the user is using the AOL application and if not then you need to install the AOL desktop gold again to solve that issues. By restarting the device, it may help to start it refresh and hopefully, it works. If it works then there is not to worry but if it does not work then you need to follow the above steps.


Through this article, we wish that the users get to know some of the ways by which they can solve the issues of AOL mail not working on AOL desktop gold. AOL is always been trusted by the many users throughout the years and they have a team of highly qualified and professionals which helps the users to solve the issues as soon as possible. It is mandatory for the AOL mails to check the user’s needs for the mails services and it is important too for the executives to establish a cordial relationship while asking for the issues and providing the solutions as soon as possible. It builds a strong and cordial relationship with the users and it makes the AOL services more trustable.

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