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What is 6A81 Error in Canon Printer MG5320?

The error code is essentially caused by an obstruction among the printer, typically a paper jam, however, could be any foreign body that has found its method into the printer (those with young kids can understand). The obstruction stops the carriage and print head from getting into the proper position once powering up the printer. The print head ought to return to rest at the correct hand aspect of the carriage and position itself over the waste ink sponges. If the print head is unable to do so, it returns the ‘6A81 Error in Canon Printer MG5320’ error message.

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Sometimes, the position of the two waste ink sponges towards the correct hand aspect. The sponges are spring loaded and move backward and forwards once the printer data format happens upon embark.

The problem in some of the user’s case was caused by two items of torn paper. One at the way right of the printer that was simple to get rid of, however, the other was stuck in a very little opening behind the spring mechanism for the waste ink sponges. This was preventing the sponges from being affected freely and seated properly, that successively meant that the print head was unable to miss them and are available to rest within the correct position.

To remove the torn paper we just have to turn off the power to the printer (to stop any harm to the carriage mechanism) and used a try of tweezers to carefully pull the offending article through the little gap. We may have a tendency to lost this hidden piece of paper at an initial time. We checked for obstructions, therefore, it’s worth shining a torch in and having a good nose around. Close your printer lid, power on the printer.

Solution for 6A81 Error in Canon Printer MG5320:

There are some simple steps to overcome 6A81 Error in Canon Printer MG5320-

Solution 1:

This is often a purge unit error.

There may be one thing jamming the purge unit or simply an absorber out of place that is picking up on the carriage preventing it from moving properly.

Try to move the carriage faraway from the purge (its wherever the printhead/carriage parks its self on the correct aspect of the machine) with no resistance then you’ll be able to shine a torch into the machine and look at the purge unit.

There may be crumpled paper jammed within the purge.

If all looks well, the purge unit could also be defective and had to get replaced.

Solution 2:

The wiper on the purge might have stuck. It slides back and forth and that they are known to stay.

Push it with an extended screwdriver to check if it moves.

Solution 3:

Something is blocking the printer within. It may well be a paper jam or a foreign object.

Check to employ a flashlight, to confirm there’s nothing obstructing the device mechanism down within the printer wherever it’s not simply seen.

If there’s nothing obvious, undo the printer power provides.

Solution (3-a)

Printer off.

Bring by hand the ink-carrier to the correct aspect.

Push down fastidiously on the carrier, hold on and shelter the printer: push the left side of the carrier down, as a result of it can return up.

Solution 4:

Take a dry material and clean the rubber rollers within the automatic sheet feeder. Dirt could also be coating the rollers there and as they become less tacky, they can’t feed paper properly.

Solution 5:

Hold the printer in each hands (you may have another person to assist you), flip it upside down and shake it for a couple of seconds to check if something falls out of the device space. (Sometimes objects like pens, paper clips and so on, will constitute the device space and cause blockages.)

Then plug the printer duplicate, take your paper out and replace it with a recent, little stack (about 5 pages) of paper. Then try and form feed once more. If that works, then try and print once more

Thus Follow these steps to resolve ” 6A81 Error in Canon Printer MG5320″

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