HP printer is not connecting to computer

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HP printer is not connecting to computer


A Printer is an output device. It is connected to the computers and other devices and can be used to take a printout of various documents from our computers. Printers have become very important these days and can be found in almost every office. Printers are used to generate a hardcopy of the document which had earlier existed in our computer as a soft copy. Printers have also become important for educational purposes. If you are facing problem like Hp printer is not connecting to computer then for technical support from Hp printer tech support experts you can call:

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One of the most renowned companies known to make laser printers is called Hewlett-Packardor HP. The printer quality of such printers is extremely high. They use a language called Printing Control Language or PCL in their printers. These printers are quite affordable and can not only be connected to our desktops and laptops but can also be used to take printouts from mobile devices like cellular phones and tablets. These printers look very stylish and are also quite versatile. They come in various shapes and sizes as well.


Sometimes while using a printer, we may find that we not being able to connect our printer to our computer successfully. As a result, we are no longer being able to take the printout. Many Hp users have reported about such problems.

Some people have reported that they had successfully connected their Printer to the USB drive; an error occurred saying “Specified module cannot be found” and after that, they tried to run the Drive but an error popped up once again.

This problem can be solved by first installing the drive and then connecting the printer to the USB port. Sometimes, an error occurs when we first connect the device and then start with the installation process. Connect the device to the PC only when a message pops up in your computer screen telling you to do so.

Also, sometimes it is difficult to connect our Printer to the local area network and various problems may occur. Quite often a message may pop up saying “Cannot Connect Printer To Computer”. There are various easy ways to resolve these issues.

Steps to resolve HP printer is not connecting to computer:

A printer can be connected to our computer either by a USB port or by an Ethernet or Wi-Fi. We can connect our printer to the Windows operating system from the Add Printer Wizard option. For that, we have to follow the following steps:  

  • Go to the Start button.
  • From there, go to Control Panel.
  • Then click on the Devices and Printers.
  • Click on Add Printer link.
  • A window appears showing the list of printers available. Click on your Hp device.

You will successfully be able to print your documents now.

However, sometimes, there may be certain inbuilt issues with a printer as a result of which are the computer is not being able to recognize the printer. For that, we need to contact the Hp Technical Support who will look into the matter.

Thus follow these steps to fix HP printer is not connecting to computer

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